King David, some 1,000 years before Christ, was inclined to do that which seemed good to him in bringing the Ark of God from Kirjathjearim to Jerusalem. After much preparation and with much joy he proceeded to do just that.

A new cart was built to carry the Ark of God. As they were bringing the ark back to Jerusalem, the people sang and made music, rejoicing with all their might. Everything seemed beautiful until the oxen shook the cart and the Ark of God began to fall. Uzza put forth his hand to steady it. Uzza immediately died, but why? The people were sincere. They were praising God. They were even trying to do something to please God. David feared that day and detoured the Ark of God to the house of Obededon, questioning, “How shall I bring the Ark of God home to me?”

This is the position of many Christians today. They are sincere; they are praising God; they are even trying to do something to please God. But they find that God is not honoring their efforts. The reason is the same reason God did not honor David’s effort to bring the ark to Jerusalem. They, as David, are not doing the deed according to God’s Word; God’s way. David said, “God broke out against us, because we did not consult Him about the proper order.”

When David realized the error of his way, he ordered that none but the Levites ought to carry the Ark of God. This was God’s way as commanded by God in Deuteronomy 10:8. Now that they were in God’s order, the Ark of God was brought to Jerusalem with shouting, singing, dancing, and much music.

If today we would realize the error of our way and correct it, as David did, we would find that God would honor our efforts. The Ark of God symbolized God’s presence in Israel. It was to be cared for in the way God had commanded. Today the Church symbolizes God’s presence in the world. It also should be cared for in a particular way; the way God commanded. Then we would not need to depend upon emotionalism, showmanship, talent, or pledges. It may be a novel idea, but we could depend on God. When we do things God’s way His favor is manifest by people being saved and delivered, and the saints being secured and growing.  It’s the preaching of the cross, holy living, and order in the house of prayer, that God honors.

Christian, you too, are a symbol of God’s presence in the world. Your life should be cared for in a particular way. If you will order your life consistent with God’s word, He will honor your efforts. Otherwise you will need to depend on worldly things to build a shell of a life, and it will not stand in the judgment. Would you trade your way for God’s way? Do it! You may lose the honor of men but you will gain God’s honor.

God loves you and desires to honor your efforts and to bless you. Find God’s way. It is straight and narrow, but it’s the only blessed way!

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death (Proverbs 16:25). Teach me your way, O Lord (Psalms 27:11).