It all started eons ago. Well at least six or eight thousand years ago. Time as we know it wasn’t yet a reality. There was no earth spinning on it’s axis, or revolving around the sun. There was no moon orbiting around the earth. None of the things by which we measure time existed yet. The physical realm didn’t exist. Matter, that which has weight, density and occupies space, hadn’t come into existence.  The dimensions – height, width, depth and even time were only a concept in the mind of a being – a person – who existed without an equal.

This person was, and still is unique. And although this person has chosen to reveal His character and at least a part of His plan to us, He hasn’t revealed much more. He has let us know that we are a very special part of His plan.

This person created the physical universe, and life in this universe. The Creator reasoned to create in the universe the planet earth, with plants and living creatures, and also human kind. Humans were  special – similar to Himself. Humans were created in His image – similar to His shape, and in His likeness – similar to His person.

Human’s physical bodies are a mirror of His spiritual body. That which exist outside this physical realm, we call spiritual. Therefore His body is spiritual. Even though our bodies appear as His, they are different in substance. Our person was also to mirror His person. He  created us as a body, a soul, and a spirit, all working in unison mirroring His triune person. We have come to realize that He too is a triune being. He manifest Himself as the Heavenly Father, the Father’s Son, and the Holy Spirit.

But let’s get back to the plan. The creator created living creatures controlled by instinct. Instinct governs their response to their environment and their needs.  Humans too have instinct but are not governed by it. Our spirit enables us to reason and chose. Reasoning with whatever knowledge we have acquired, we should be governed by rational choices that we make.

Why did the creator make us this way? The reason for all of creation is that He might adopt creatures, like Himself, into His family. He made us to be creatures with a freewill, like Himself. Human kind has the awesome responsibility of reasoning and choosing in such a way as to result in our being adopted into His family, or not.

He has never left human kind to itself. He has always given us the knowledge we need to make the right choices. He has never left us without a witness to truth. All over the world, since time began, humans have known. Prophets (men who speak for the Creator), angels (spiritual messengers from the Creator), and the Creator Himself have faithfully revealed the knowledge we needed to make the right choices.

The scriptures clearly show us that in ancient times the Creator and His plan were known the world over. The knowledge of the Creator was not limited in scope to a certain people or area. The oldest recorded history from various parts of the world verifies the scriptures we have today. The ancients were not without truth.

We today are not without truth. We have the written words of the prophets, the angels, and of the Creator Himself. And recent history has given us the teachings of the Apostles and prophets – those sent to establish the church. But most sure is the witness of the Spirit of the Creator Himself.


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His Spirit covers the earth and is witnessing to every person – to convince all of sin, righteousness, and judgment. His Spirit teaches each of us what is sin, what is right, and convinces each of us that we are accountable for our choices. If we will yield to this knowledge by making reasonable choices, we will come into the Creators special favor – His grace.

This yielding to what’s reasonable is complicated by our selfishness. From our first hours of life we are learning to satisfy self. As we mature, we grow in knowledge. At some point we become aware that our wants and our needs are not the only wants and needs. There are others who want and need. At some point we will be faced with a dilemma – what to do when our wants and their needs cannot both be satisfied.

Our selfishness further complicates things when we do wrong knowing it’s wrong. All the while, we understand that we will be held accountable. We then experience guilt. Guilt is a good thing. It will not allow us to be comfortable while being disobedient to reason. It causes us to search for a cure – maybe through restitution or penance. Many times guilt is ignored or quenched until it’s not effective. Nevertheless, we all have done wrong, failed to do right, and are destined to give an account.

Our guilt keeps us from the Creators special favor – His grace. We have chosen to satisfy self at the expense of others; we have chosen to do wrong; all with the knowledge that we will be held accountable. We are not only guilty, but are in rebellion towards the Creator.

But don’t despair. None of this is a surprise to Him. It’s all a part of His plan.

The Creator knew that humans would yield to selfishness; do wrong; fail to do good. He knew that they would rebel against reason and against Him. In fact, He gave them an adversary to test them. This adversary – a spiritual being – is a deceiver. Through lies and deception he attempts to keep humans from choosing rightly. He entices them through their selfishness to forsake the truth and to satisfy themselves. All humans have the ability to resist the adversary, but many choose not to do so and willingly rebel against the teachings of the Creator’s Spirit. If they continue in this rebellion it can dull their sensitivity to the Creator’s Spirit.

The Creator, knowing that all humans would fail and become guilty, also planned for their redemption. In love for humans, even though they were in rebellion, the Creator greatly suffered the penalty for their wrongs so that they could return to His special favor – His grace. He redeemed them. He paid the penalty they owed because of their wrong doings. To accept the Creators payment for their rebellion and wrong doing they must first confess the error of their ways – coming into agreement with the Creator’s Spirit. Then resist selfishness and the adversary – living in agreement with the Creator’s Spirit.

The Creator then allows His Spirit to dwell in the redeemed person’s physical body, for he is now in the Creator’s special favor – His grace. The Spirit then comforts, teaches, leads, and enables him to serve the Creator. He now sees without the adversaries deception. He loves the Creator and other humans, and he becomes an ambassador for the Creator to other humans. His desire is to be used by the Creator to further His plan.

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Certain aspects of the Creator’s plan are foreordained. But inside the foreordained outline the human’s freewill – freedom to reason and chose – has written an interesting history. In the midst of this history there has always been a remnant who have excepted the Creator’s leading. These are the ones who will be adopted into His family.

This physical universe – as we know it – will not always exist. The Creator has planned for a new heaven and a new earth where He and His adopted children will live forever.

The adversary has presented to humans many other plans. Plan’s, other than the Creators, are meant to deceive. Some plans justify or condemn us by weighing the “good” we do against the “bad”. But we’ve all done some bad and our good can never take it away. As if to say, if we rob a bank and feed the poor with the money, we are not guilty. Our guilt for our sin must be dealt with. Other plans have us evolving through reincarnation to some higher (or lesser) level of awareness. Why? What’s the purpose? For those who accept God’s plan, the creator has greatly suffered to pay their sin debt, so that they might be adopted into His family.

There are only three major religions that claim a personable “God” – the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians. The Jews have forsaken their God. The Muslims have forsaken “reason”. And many Christians are Christians in name only, having settled for something far less than the Creator’s plan. But there remains hope for all who will seek “truth”.

Yes, the Creator has a foreordained master plan that will come about, but He also has a plan for you as an individual. You have been given a free-will, therefore you choose whether or not to follow His plan for your life. Following His plan for your life will assure you a place in His family.

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The Muslims follow a plan that is without reason. It makes no sense. John 8:31-32, 14:6, 1 John 3:1-3, Romans 8:14-17.