Learn Physical Control


p style=”text-align: left;”>When the body rules, then spirit rule is impossible.
Fasting helps bring the flesh into subjection in all areas.
Learn to fast and you will learn the way to lay off all sin.

Fasting is the voluntary missing of a life need — food, drink, fellowship, rest, etc., for physical or spiritual benefit.

Fasting is profitable in three ways.
A). It rests and cleanses the system. In long-food-fasts body poisons, derived by wrong health habits, are burned away cleaning the temple of the Holy Spirit.
B). It teaches self-control.
C). With prayer and separation and Bible study it brings spiritual growth and revelation.

Fasting is not starvation — appetite and hunger are two different things.

Appetite is habit craving of food.

Hunger takes place after the body has used up all the excess stored in the body. This takes weeks, not hours.

Fasting is not impossibly difficult — most of the discomforts of even a long fast are over in a few days.

Here is what you can expect.




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1) Appetite pains for a few days. Maximum effort is required during these days.

2) Then comes weakness as you burn up waste in your  system  (fever, headache, dizziness). Drink water in excess. It helps to eliminate the waste in your system. Sleep and rest more  than usual for a couple of  days.

3) Then there is a time of physical fitness and well being — a time to seek God. This could be for days or weeks.

4) True hunger comes next — to continue on after this can bring body destruction and death.


When you look for reasons to “fast”, look at yourself. You are the reason you fast. It is your lack of faith, wisdom, and power to minister to particular needs, not the needs themselves, that should motivate you to fast. Fasting will not make your prayer be answered, but fasting will make you more able to pray an answerable prayer, more able to minister in wisdom and power.