Can Sickness Be A Part Of God’s Plan?

Who created the “terrible” viruses, germs, bacteria, etc. that cause sickness & disease? To attribute this creative act to God, flies in the face of so much theology. But who else has the ability to create life? After all, these things are alive, and they do invade our bodies.

Is it right to say that our loving God often ignores our sickness? Or might He have a purpose in our sickness? Yes, many times God heals the sick; likewise many times He doesn’t. Is He partial? Or could it be that He sometimes has a purpose in our sickness? If that’s true, when praying for the sick, why do so many say that it’s wrong to pray “thy will be done”? Why is it ever wrong to pray “thy will be done”?

What about the use of oil when praying for the sick? What do the scriptures say? According to James 5:14 when Elders are called on to pray for the sick, they are to anoint the sick with oil. Who else is given such a commission? Although the twelve anointed the sick with oil, there are no others that I know of.

James also tells us that the sick are to call for the Elders. This demonstrates their faith. The Elders then pray a prayer of “faith” & anoint with oil. What is a “prayer of faith”? Romans 10:17 teaches that faith comes from hearing God. You can only have faith after you’ve heard. The Elders need to hear from God concerning each individual situation and then pray a prayer of faith—a prayer consistent with the will of God. We do want His will to be done, don’t we?

The Elders who do the praying and anointing are not simply old people. Titus 1:5-9 sets forth the qualifications for appointed Elders.

In conclusion, sickness can be God’s will as He works out His purpose. When prayer is offered for the sick it surely should acknowledge the desire for God’s will. If you know God’s will for the particular situation, then by all means pray the prayer of faith.

Sickness may be an indicator of sin in a person’s life as set forth in James 5:15-16. But notice the word “if”. The scriptures, as is life, are full of righteous people who are sick. Maybe their sickness is working God’s purpose even in another’s life.

I have known many who have preached that “healing” is part of the redemption. Thereby saying that sickness indicates a fault in the sick Christians life; that Christians should never be sick. Often they preach such while  hiding their occasional bouts with common sicknesses. They all die and God’s purpose is generally to bring them home through a sickness. How ironic.

When we become sick —and most of us will become sick— examine yourself for sin and if you find none, call for the Elders. If you are not healed, remember you are without willful sin, except that which has been confessed and repented of. Therefore you are righteous in His sight. The hardships of sickness often push us to our very limits, but He is watching and He has a purpose.

Cast All Your Cares On Him,

For He Cares For You.