Worship as a noun is that adoration, homage, reverence, and honor that we give to another.
Worship as a verb is to admire, esteem, revere, and honor another.

Clearly when God tells us to NOT worship anyone or anything except Him (Exodus 20:3-4, Matthew 4:10), He means more than to admire, honor, or respect another person. We are told in scriptures (1 Peter 2:17) to “honor” the king, and to “honor” all men.  Honor and respect and esteem are value sensitive commodities. For example, we honor and respect our parents, as the scriptures teach. But the honor we give a king, or a government leader, is a different honor than what we give our parents. The honor we give our pastor is a different honor than the honor we give our Sunday School teacher and is a different honor than the honor we give God. We are told in Romans 13:7 to give honor to whom it is due. To give to all persons the “proper” honor is a good thing.

It seems then, when God says to worship him only, that we are to give the esteem, honor, reverence, adoration, and homage that is due Him to no other. Not a carved wood or stone idol, nor any person, nor any thing is to be respected and honored as God. The respect due Him demands our highest love and obedience. Allowing anything or anyone to distract from this allegiance to God is forbidden. There is no thing or person who is creator, sustainer, redeemer. There is no other God. He alone is due that Honor. Because no other is due His honor, He is righteously a jealous God.

Expressions of worship can be as personal and varied as an individual. Many examples can be found in scriptures. Dancing, singing, playing music, and voicing praise and thanksgiving to God are all expressions of worship.  In scripture posture also portrays worship. Kneeling, bowing, lifting of hands, or even prostrating one’s self all indicate worship. Obedience is another, and a very necessary form of worship. Without obedience all the other expressions of worship seem to speak of hypocrisy.

His position as the only true God and creator draws our worship. His goodness draws our worship. Our worship of Him is the “right” thing to do. If we know Him, it would be sin not to worship Him. He demands our worship because of our need to do what’s right. It’s not that He needs it, but that we need it and justice demands it.

Be encouraged to let nothing or no one distract you from your allegiance to Him. Nothing will distract Him from his care for you.