1.   Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve? (Matthew 10:2-4)



2.   As one of the twelve, what did he do?


a. (Matthew 10:1)



b. (John 13:29)



3.   What did Jesus reveal concerning Judas’ character in John 6:70? “Devil” means false accuser?




4.   Explain how the devil was working in John 13:2.  Has the devil ever suggested things to you?




What did you do with his suggestion?  What did Judas do with his suggestion?




5.   Did the other disciples suspect Judas? (John 13:21-29)



6.   Consider what happened in John 13:27.

Judas had the character of a devil – he was a false accuser, a slanderer.  This caused him to consider the devils suggestion, and to finally be possessed by Satan.


7.   Why did the chief priests and scribes need Judas? (Luke 22:1-6)



8.   What did they give Judas? (Matthew 26:14-15)



What was the price of a slave? (Exodus 21:32)



9.   With what sign did Judas betray Jesus? (Matthew 26:47-50)



10.  What significance do you suppose there was in Judas’ repentance? (Matthew 27:3-5)



11.  Considering his character (John 6:70), why do you think Jesus chose Judas?  Could it be that even as God had a purpose in raising up Pharaoh (Romans 9:17), He had a similar purpose in raising up Judas. They were “vessels of wrath” already “prepared for destruction”, as in Romans 9:22-23?   They had already sinned away their day of grace, and were then simply being used by God to bring about His purpose?



Memory Work: Romans 9:17 – For the scripture says to the Pharaoh, “for this very purpose I have raised you up, that I may show my power in you, and that my name may be declared in all the earth.”