2nd Thessalonians 2:1-4

A Translation or a Paraphrase


As a Christian, What if I sin?

Baptized with the Holy Spirit


Briefly, What Can I Say To An Atheist…?

Briefs on the Flood

Briefs on Several Subjects

Claim Jumping

Demon Oppression, Possession

Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart?

Effective Prayers

Eternal Destiny

Eternal Security

Faith, Does It Always Work

Fasting – Are You A Slave To You Appetite?

Financial Difficulties

Flattering Religious Titles?

God’s Healing?

God’s Way?

Hard Hearts & Evil Spirits?

Has God Foreordained My Future?

How Can God Be A Trinity?

How Should We Pray For The Sick?

Is The Ruler Of This World Cast Down?

Is There A Test For False Prophets?

Is Tithing Necessary?

Jesus Came To Save Us From Sin

Mary a Sinner

Milk or Meat?


Salvation Terminology

Salvation? What Is It? How Does It Happen?

Shepherd The Flock?

Sometimes Me, Sometimes We?

Test the Spirits?

The Believer’s Security?

The Lord’s Prayer – Expanded?

The Mustard Seed

The Plan

The Promised Seed

The Wicked Vinedressers?

Tied to the World

Two Types of Sin

We All Have Two Heads?

What About Divorce And Separation?

What About Emotions During Worship?

What About Failures? Do Real Christians Fail?

What About The Unpardonable Sin? What Is It?

What About Those Who Have Never Heard The Gospel?

What About Unknown Tongues?

What Are Personal Convictions?

What Is A World View?

Who Am I?

Who Has Your Heart?

Who Is Baptized with the Holy Spirit?

Why Do I Say the Things I Say?

Why Does God Allow So Much Pain And Suffering?

Will God Really Give Me The Desires Of My Heart?


Wrath or Tribulation? Either or Neither?